Dedicated and innovative solutions

Market, technology and innovation.

Mikael Bergvall
Business developer
  • Market

Understand the market

We help you with analysis of the market for your service or product.

  • Technology

Technology development

We develop software and hardware with the latest technology and innovations.

  • Innovation

Increase your innovation

We help you with your next level of you innovation business development. We are specialist of analysis and understand your business and the market.

Some tool we work with

We got global coverage within different technologies to build the best innovative solutions requested.

Case studies

In our project and solutions, we almost always have development in market, technology and innovation in a combination.

Consulting assignment

Own business


IOT Solution


Omegalax fish farm

IOT Solution

Svensk Fjällröding

Svensk fjällröding fish farm

IOT Solution


Truck and transport

Web development


Web development

Simulation VR


Nordvik school

App sustainable fishing

Storöringen’s fishing club has now delivered the first version of the sustainable fishing app to consumers.

Download the Water to the Table app

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Our new cloud solution for IOT projects.

Customer we work with

For several years, we have had the opportunity to work with exciting customers and advanced deliveries.