• Consulting assignment

Preliminary study Open data

Worked on two different investigations that are delivered as a feasibility study to The Swedish National Financial Management Authority. Both investigations are about Open Data. First one is about increasing the availability of data in internal audit of the authorities’ activities and the other is about increasing the availability of invoices from all authorities under the government.

  • Consulting assignment

Technical project manager

Technical project manager Eskilstuna municipality for running and coordinating assignments in the IT operations, primarily linked to infrastructure and network communication. The assignment concerns a technical project manager in infrastructure. The consultant will offer support and contribute to an effective introduction of the new future infrastructure. Contribute to better delivery quality of our deliveries in infrastructure through experience and good leadership skills. Use project model XLPM.

Team work discussion

Prototype automation

  • IOT Solution

Produced a prototype for automation of crop cultivation. Sensors control pumps for nutrition. This can be done remotely.

  • IOT Solution

Indoor fish farm

We works to develop applications for measuring and visualizing data. Much of the work so far has been in fish farming and we have developed hardware and software to measure oxygen content, temperature and PH value in the water. All boxes we have developed are expandable and adaptable to more sensors or designs. Our solution is called Aqua Sens and is a lightweight solution that can be moved between different pools exactly as you want. The data is stored and visualized in the included software. The data can be sent via Wifi or SIM to your network. Above pools, we set up RFID so that each Aqua Sens knows what position it has and can thus add data to the database with associated visualization.

  • IOT Solution 

Truck and transport

NEI latest application is for transporting fish. Sensors and boxes get a protective case here to withstand a little more weather and cold. But we can use the same Aqua Sens boxes for indoor pools, outdoor pools and for the truck. From inside the truck, the driver has control over the values in the truck’s pools.

  • IOT Solution 

Outdoor fish farm

We have created an IOT solution for Svensk fjällröding that measures oxygen content, temperature and pH value.

  • Development

Web development

We works to develop web pages for about 15 years. Has set requirements, been responsible, developed and manages this pages. 

Webs that are live

  • directaircapture.com
  • nordicdacroup.com
  • biocompost.se
  • forssell.net 
  • planet4us.com
  • staircoffice.se
  • buildtecdesign.se
  • neverendinginnovations.com
  • nodesweden.se
  • fiskeatleten.se
  • berggrepp.se

Websites to be released soon. 

  • air4planet.com
  • Invest4planet.com
  • sens.one
  • IOT Solution 

Alarm function power mill

We also develop alarm functions, in this case the customer wanted three different people to receive an SMS if the arm of the hydropower plant goes down. A magnetic sensor then senses this and sends SMS to affected people.

  • Consulting assignment

Infrastructure development and project manager

Project leader for Future Lab where Mikael works with several digital activities to promote the development in Sundsvall and the business’s transition to the digital city of the future. Future Lab is working to achieve City Vision 2037 by prototyping, visualizing and developing future digital services for the business and the city of Sundsvall. The work included gathering the requirements that several organizations had, shaping them into a Backlog and realizing them according to a priority list, implementation plan and testing and delivering them. Mikael was a driving force for enabling Future Lab in Sundsvall.

  • Consulting assignment

Development lottery SM Week

Sm week Winter in Sundsvall (January 28-February 3, 2019), not only offers the Swedish Championships in 24 different sports. During three – possibly four – folk festival evenings, a number of top Swedish artists will perform on Stora torget. The parties also offer unique mouse lotteries, seminar and after work events, cover bands, awards ceremonies, hockey-hockey tournaments and a lot of other exciting things that will create a warming party atmosphere in Sundsvall.

  • Simulator technology

VR and simulator technology

We have procured, buyed an install a simulator for Hushållningssällskapets skola Nordvik.Simulation technology as a training tool is a proven concept in various professional fields. For example, surgeons, pilots and astronauts have already benefited from simulation based training for many years. Tenstar Simulation offers a wide range of professional training simulators for machine operators. All simulators are developed with a major focus on optimizing the operator skills by using OEM hardware from machine manufactors in combination with realistic exercises. Simulator technology enables a safe and effective training environment for a low cost in a non-pollutive way.

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